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Sarvanga(Whole body) Treatment:


Warm oil is applied on the entire body, from the scalp to the soles of your feet. increases skin blood flow, reduces appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and scars improves skin smoothness and softness. decreases hyperpigmentation Massage can improve lymphedema by encouraging lymphatic drainage, increases energy and alertness increases physical strength delays age-related degenerative changes


Herbal steam bath. It opens up pores and channels or toxins in the body, to a central location for ease of expulsion during the main part of the treatment, Panchakarma. The patient is placed inside a special wooden sauna chamber with only the head exposed. Medicated herbal steam is then allowed to permeate into the entire body.


Uniformly massaging the patient with a linen bundle called kizhi dipped in a special kashaya. The kizhi is usually a fist-sized cloth-wrapped bolus, containing Shastika or Navara rice cooked in milk and kashaya.
Treats arthritis, Boosts immunity, Strengthens sense organs, Improves digestion, Helps mind and body relaxation, Relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue,cures neurological conditions


Patra means 'leaf', and in this steaming therapy, a herbal concoction made from leaves is used on the disease-affected areas of patients (full body or specific part of body). Medicinal leaves are chopped, mixed with medicated oils, and placed in a piece of cloth to make a fist-sized Kizhi, or linen bundle. The herbal contents of Kizhi are decided based on the symptoms exhibited by the patient.


Ayurvedic powder massage.
Herbal powder mix is massaged into the body to break up stagnation & stimulate lymphatic flow.
Reduces excess fat in the body, increases the stability of the extremities, Improves body complexion, Leads to a sense of lightness in the body, Eliminates bad body odour due to excessive sweating, treats Diabetes mellitus, Obesity ,Lymphatic congestion, Water retention and swelling.


Lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body in a uniform rhythmic way continuously in a specific direction. Enormous amount of medicated oil is used in this therapy along with simultaneous gentle massages
builds up immunity for a healthy life. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, high blood pressure, nervous weakness and helps to arrest the ageing process.


Pouring of Medicated buttermilk in a continuous stream in a specified manner either full body or specific part of body Helps in skin diseases like Psoriasis, reduces stress. It is done in two ways.
1.Dhara performed over the forehead.
2.Dhara for the entire body.

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