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Herbal collyrium
It is the procedure of applying medicated collyrium on the inner margin of the eyelids. Used to enhance vision, prevent eye diseases, remove foreign bodies, itching ,burning sensation .This application should not be washed or rubbed immediately


Medicated paste applied outer and around the eyelids leaving the eyelashes. This applied medication is absorbed by the skin to the great extend reaching to subcutaneous tissues and reduce local temperature. Medication also enter into systemic circulation preventing oedema, congestion etc


Continuous streaming of mediated decoctions over the eyes To strengthen eye muscles, relax the eyes, improve vision


An enclosure is made around the eyes with black gram flour and luke warm medicated oil or ghee is poured in that for a speculated time Useful in urning sensation in the eyes, Myopia, Subconjunctival hemorrhage, eye stiffness, Dry eye syndrome, Corneal ulcers, Clouding and watering of the eyes, falling of eyelashes, Bell,s Palsy, Myasthenia gravis, Stroke


An enclosure is made around the eyes with black gram flour and fresh luke warm medicine extract is poured in that for a speculated time Strengthening of vision .Refractive errors, Night blindness, Cataract, Inflammatory lesions of eyes


Medicine is packed in the cloth and is kept over the eyelid with or without bandage.


Medicaments are instilled into the nose to treat conditions of the head and neck region. An effective therapy in various headaches, nasal allergies, sinusitis, frequent attacks of common cold, beneficial in hair fall and greying of hair.


Dhumapana is herbal smoke inhalation procedure, igniting a varthi (wick) which is prepared out of combination of medicated powders and the health seeker should inhale the medicine through the nostrils allowing the fumes to enter into the nostrils and thereafter exhaling it through the oral cavity. This is one of the procedure done after tarpana, putapaka, nasyam.

KAVALA/ Kabala

Also known as oil pulling. Kavala is a procedure of holding comparatively small quantity of medicine in the mouth. It helps remove harmful bacteria in the mouth, reduces inflammation and improves gum health. This is one of the procedure done after tarpana, putapaka, nasya.


Filling the ears with medicated oil/ghee. The ear lobes are gently massaged with oil and usually lukewarm, purified medicated oil is gently poured into one ear. This ancient Ayurvedic therapy is certain to soothe and cure all problems related to the ears.


A ring or compartment made up of black gram flour around the ears and filled with luke warm oil for a speculated time.

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