best Ayurvedic treatment for eyes, nose, and throat in Bangalore-Asmakam Ayurveda

ENT and Head

Issues and Suggested Treatment Methods

(Treatment will be decided after complete assessment of the patient´s condition)


– Anulomanam, Vasti, Shirovasthi,Abhyangam, Karnapooranam, Nasyam, Kabala, Internal medications/diet

Hearing lossa

– Vasti, Shirovasti, Karnavasti, Karnapooranam, Nasyam, Kabalam, Internal medications/diet

Acute otitis media

– Swedanam, Dhoomapanam, dhoopanam, Karnalepam, Internal medications/diet


– Vatanulomana chikitsa –Vasti, Shirodhara Sadyovirechana, Nasyam, lepam,Shirodhara, Internal medications/diet


– Appropriate Panchakarma, kriyakalpa, Paschat karma, Internal medications/Diet

Nasal polypa

– Virechanam, Ksharakarmam, Nasyam,Kabalam, Dhoomapanam, Internal medications/diet

Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS)a

– Nasyam, Kabalam,Nasapichu, Internal medications/diet

Allergic rhinitisa

– Appropriate Panchakarmam, Moordhnitailam, Dhoomapanam, Internal medications/diet

Oral ulcera

– Jihwa lepa, diet


– Panchakarmam, Kriyakalpam,Paschatkarmam, Internal medications/diet


– Vamanam, Virechanam, Nasyam, Kabala,Internal medications/diet


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