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Amazing Ayurvedic Care for Yourself and Your Family

Evidence based Ayurveda which is a perfect blend of Professional knowledge of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Concepts of Clinical Practices, assures delivery of Quality Ayurveda Solution for all your ailments. Our treatment methodology is designed to deliver a Safe, Effective, Transparent and People Centred treatment for the disease.

The benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment at Asmakam are

  • Timely Treatment − Prompt and accurate diagnosis and implementation of the most appropriate treat regimen.
  • Justifiable − All treatment recommended will be Justifiable as stipulated in our ancient texts such as Charakam, Sushrutham, Astangahridyam etc.
  • Unified − The entire range of treatment Karmas will be made available for all patients as per the requirement.
  • Effective − The treatment regimen will be designed to achieve maximum benefit and minimum waste.

Our Doctor

Experienced and Highly Qualified

Dr. Radhika K Varma.,


Specialist in Chronic Cases

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Professor & HOD with

Over 3 Decades of Experience

Treated Hundreds of Incurable Cases

Myths VS Facts of Ayurveda





Ayurveda medicines take long time for cure and can be used only in chronic diseases.

Ayurveda can act faster in many conditions which includes acute conditions. If it has taken longer to cure, it can be attributed to two main reasons. 1. The patient has approached after exhausting all treatment options (or) 2. the disease is deep seated or is sudden infective. Ayurveda diagnoses the root cause of the disease and uproots them completely. It is not a symptomatic treatment.


Ayurveda treatments are all about massages or spa.

Ayurveda is not just a massage or spa, it has various techniques employed before, during and after panchakarma. Oil massage, which is a very small component of an entire spectrum, is unfortunately most advertised. Ayurveda has more than 80 different treatment protocols.


Ayurveda medicines are harmless and can be self-prescribed .


Only proper mixture with the right ingredients and right method of preparation gives desired medical results. Intake of Ayurvedic medicines must be with the advice of an Ayurveda practitioner. For e.g., improper medicine administration for gastritis can trigger migraine, faulty weight loss or diabetes medications can trigger gastritis, a self-help asthma medication can trigger skin diseases etc.


Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any side effects

If there is an effect, there can be side effects too. So, the dosage and duration of medicines and diet changes must be as prescribed by an Ayurvedic expert. Food is also medicine as per Ayurveda. Hence, the, so called super foods can also trigger a disease condition, as per Ayurveda, depending on the constitution of the patients.


Ayurveda medicines damage liver, kidneys

That is badmouthing by ignorant or vested interests. If sourced, prepared and prescribed by an Ayurvedic expert even the so called toxins like lead, Mercury act like Nectar/ Elixir/ Amrut for life. Rasashastra/ Alchemy deals with how nanoparticles of heavy metals and poisons help in restoring health in emergency situations without any illeffects


Lack of clinical testing and clinical trials for ayurvedic medicines.

All the ayurvedic medicines  in the market are properly tested through various laboratory techniques. Potency of each medicines is proved by various clinical trials. The scientific journals on various case studies  are available in various educational portals like Pubmed, Google scholar etc

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